HBOT is generally used as an adjunctive but effective recovery therapy in cosmetic related treatments. HBOT is highly recommended after any type of cosmetic, surgical or reconstructive surgery. Saturated levels of 100% oxygen in the bloodstream as well as all body fluids accelerates the formation of new capillary and peripheral blood vessels. This results in an effective and accelerated pos-operative healing with better aesthetic results. Pos-operative recovery in junction with HBOT may be in days instead of weeks with less tissue trauma and a remarkable reduction of swelling, bruising and a substantial control of possible infections. Because the Anti-Aging reversing results with HBOT, patients with recently facelifts, can extend their standard facelift longevity length for more years following the appropriate HBOT protocol treatments.

Anti-Aging Benefits

HBOT treatment provides the levels of saturated 100% oxygen needed by the cells and other body fluids to accelerate the revitalization of damaged skin, providing the perfect conditions for winkles reduction, rejuvenation as well as reversing the signs of aging process.

Dermo-Aesthetic Benefits

Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists agreed that the key to slowing down the aging process is exfoliation and oxygen. The high concentration of pressurized 100% oxygen used in HBOT treatments, remarkable accelerate the production of nutrients and amino acids deep in to the tissue repairing in a matter of days damaged skin in face and entire body, improving the conditions for laxity, smoother and soften skin.

Spa & Fitness Related Benefits

There are many benefits resulting in the using of HBOT treatments as a Spa Therapy. This combination provides the perfect stage for a better alignment between body, mind and soul. Among them are the follow benefits:

  • Rest and relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Decreasing of insomnia
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce Hypertension
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Improve of vision and memory
  • Enhanced of sexual performance
  • Improvement of memory and concentration
  • Strengthen and repair the immune system
  • Balance the metabolism
  • Lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol profile
  • Weight loss
  • Remarkable increasing of exercise endurance
  • Revitalization of the entire body
  • Restore hair color and hair growth
  • Remove wrinkles
  • Turn back your body biological time clock

HBOT as a Preventive Medicine

HBOT could be used to prevent ailments and degenerative diseases. Scientists have discovered that degenerative diseases are associated with anaerobic conditions in the body (deficiency of oxygen), resulting in fermentation and drop in the PH of the cells. It is highly recommended to receive a protocol of at least seven treatments of sixty minutes each, every six months to stimulate and repair the immune system. The oxygen in the bloodstream, cells, tissues and body fluids (including lymph and cerebral-spinal fluids) precipitates biological events for the revitalization the entire body