Treatment for HIV, Hepatitis C, Lyme Disease and other Immune System Related Illnesses



Based on Silver Ion Nanoparticles

If you are looking for a non-conventional therapy that can give you the opportunity to heal and restore your health and immune system… then our recovery treatment is suitable to match your wellness goal and a renewed quality of life.


Our treatment uses silver ion nanoparticles as one of the basic elements but has no relation with colloidal silver based treatments.

Silver ion nanoparticles can survive in the human body and can disable the process needed by one-celled viruses, bacteria or fungi to metabolize oxygen.  Without this metabolic process, these harmful organisms suffocate and die, leaving tissue, cells or healthy parts of the human body free from harm.  Silver ion nanoparticles are easily flushed out from the body by the urinary system; therefore, cannot cause any damage from possible excessive residuals in the body.

Silver ion nanoparticles can magnetically be attached to viruses because these organisms have a bipolar charge (positive and negative). Silver Ions have a positive charge and can be attracted by the virus negative polarity. The same magnetic attraction will occur with HIV viruses. Silver ions will be attracted and magnetically be attached to HIV 1, 2 or 3 type viruses, preventing them from bonding with healthy cells and reproducing. After a few weeks of treatment the virus will start significantly lowering in numbers to the range of no viral detection.

Silver ion nanoparticles have scientifically and clinically been proven to kill Hepatitis C virus, one of the leading causes of liver disease, may also eliminate Lyme disease as well as other pathogens related with immune system illnesses. It is a powerful antibiotic treatment and helps in the prevention of viral infections.  Silver ions do not damage organs, tissue or cells; therefore, it can also be delivered by catheterization.


It is called Subclavian Central Venous Catheterization. This medical procedure is performed for accessing the central venous subclavian vein to deliver trillions of silver ion nanoparticles into the blood stream. The subclavian vein blood flow irrigation ensures the potentiation and effectiveness of this treatment.

This procedure will be performed in a hospital surgery room and will last for approximately 35 minutes.  Once all internal and external medical devices are in place, the silver nanoparticles activation will start mobilizing throughout the blood stream to initiate the HIV virus elimination process.


The medical procedure steps will be available in detail during the patient medical appointment.


Our goal is to restore your immune system under our 95-day recovery treatment program. Our medical protocol requires all patients to remain at our accommodation facilities for the entire 95 day medical program due to the necessary medical and physical checks as well as for the monitoring of the internal and external medical devices placed for the catheterization and for the activation of the silver ion nanoparticles.

NOTE: Accommodation arrangements are available through our clinic and will be charged separately from the cost of the treatment.


Medical and physical checks will be performed every third day (and every day if required).  The same schedule will be applied for all internal and external medical devices placed for the catheterization and for the activation of the silver ion nanoparticles.  Every third day, patients will also undergo Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as an adjunctive treatment to accelerate the stimulation of their immune system.

NOTE: A variety of activities such as one day tours and spa treatments are available through our clinic upon request. These services are not included in the Silver Ion Nanoparticle Treatment and will be charged separately from the cost.


Blood analysis will be performed every 4 weeks. The results will be released to patients by the end of their 13 week recovery treatment.


Hyperbaric Oxygen is an adjunctive but effective integrative therapy that can be combined with other medical therapies to help in the treatment of immune system related illnesses.  HBOT has proven to be very effective when the immune system has been compromised. High concentrations of oxygen molecules will trigger internal and external tissue regeneration.

Hyperbaric Oxygen will compensate the lack of oxygen in the blood stream when counts of hemoglobin have been compromised.  Its high degree of effectiveness with a wide range of medical procedures provides a potential for augmenting success. Exposure to hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can cause rapid silver ion nanoparticles mobilization in the blood stream.

The same mobilization will occur with stem cell based therapies and with our own bone marrow stem cells when exposed to pressurization.  The results from flow cytometry in stem cells exposed to HBO therapy have shown high regeneration responses. High levels of oxygen molecules in body fluids and blood stream can result in better stem cell response.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy augments growth factor synthesis.  If growth factors are elevated in large numbers in peripheral wounds, damaged or ischemic tissues and/or body sites exposed to radiation, it would attract mobilized stem cells to the affected area where vasculogenesis will occur more rapidly.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy provides the perfect biological environment to accelerate the olygodynamic effect of trillions of silver ions throughout the body. This mechanism denatures and disables enzymes and proteins of the target virus inhibiting respiration and binding to reactive groups, resulting in their precipitation and inactivation. The oligodynamic action, occurs because their charge (positively charged) facilitates electron displacement. The charge effectively removes electrons away from the virus or pathogen, weakening the molecular bond and rendering it susceptible to cleavage.

Oxygen molecules can covalently be bonded to silver ion sub nanoparticles in the bloodstream. This chemical reaction increases their bioavailability, conductivity and biological activity. Oxygen molecules will transfer positive charges to trillions of silver ion nanoparticles because the orbiting electrons of a single silver atom will wrap around the oxygen atom by atomic reaction. The highly conductive silver ion will provide the anchoring mechanism for the oxygen ions to covalently bond forming a highly positive super charged sub-nanoparticle into the body that will dispatch harmful micro-organisms more effectively than any other medical treatment know today.


  • Stimulates Lymphatic Fluid Viability
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Reduces Pain
  • Promotes Vascularization
  • Reduces Edema
  • Less Tissue Trauma
  • Enhances White Cell Function
  • Accelerates Tissue Regeneration
  • Reduction of Bruising
  • Reverses Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Reduces Early Stages of Brain Inflammation
  • Reduces Early Stages of Brain Infection
  • Alleviates Depression Symptoms
  • Stops Migraine
  • Accelerates Detoxification
  • Fights Back Anemia
  • Stimulates the Immune System
  • Fights Back Free Radicals
  • Stimulates Muscle Relaxation
  • Alleviates Muscular Ache or Pain
  • Alleviates and Reverses Psoriasis
  • Alleviates and Reverses Rash
  • Stimulates Energy
  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety
  • Fights Back Chronic Fatigue
  • Reduces Insomnia and Improves Sleep
  • Enhances Production of Nutrients and Amino-Acids for Skin Repair
  • Stimulates Production of Collagen
  • Granulates Ischemic Tissue
  • Substantial Control of Possible Infections
  • Regenerates Damaged Skin


To be eligible each patient must complete a medical questionnaire, provide recent medical records, a thoracic X ray as well as the most recent viral load analysis. Our integrative medical staff will evaluate each case to provide an accurate protocol for you.

Our efforts are dedicated to understanding each individual health goal as an essential role for overall wellness. Our commitment… to restore your immune system for a better quality of life…