Red Ribbon (1)Friendly Oxygen Treatment for Compromised Immune System

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment is a friendly medical treatment commonly used to treat a good number of pathologies and medical indications. Because of  its effectiveness, HBOT is increasingly being used as an adjunctive therapy in the management of a variety of disorders (included those related with the compromised immune system).

Oxygen is essential to any healing process, therefore one of the key benefits of this therapy is the high concentrations of oxygen molecules dissolved in the bloodstream and raised many times above normal up to 2000%. Oxygen molecules are also transferred through the lymph and cerebral spinal fluids that can further accelerate the healing process.

Red Ribbon (1)How this therapy can help to fight back degenerative diseases?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been long established as the primary therapy in the treatment of varied medical disorders but it is also widely accepted and used in the treatment of medical indications related with compromised immune system. In such cases, HBOT is an adjunctive but effective treatment with a variety of medical benefits. Patients infected with HIV/AIDS -in which the immune system has been severely compromised- can also be candidates for this friendly treatment. For those who have been diagnosed with AIDS (classification assigned to someone who has been diagnosed with most serious opportunistic infections and illnesses; those illnesses said to be AIDS defining). AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome is the stage in infection where the body’s immune system is compromised, allowing for the development of infections that the body could otherwise prevent. AIDS patients can also be candidates for HBOT treatments. It is important to state that these infections and illnesses can occur in people without HIV infection; however such patients would not be classified as having AIDS but in both scenarios compromised immune system is the common ground.

For those living with HIV, comprehensive and up-to-date information is an essential part of a healthy life. There’s no better place to start our education in this pathology than at the beginning of the problem. The earlier HIV is diagnosed better the prognosis for healthy life. In order for HIV or AIDS treatments being successful, people need to understand the basics, facts and benefits of HBO therapy into their daily lives. So the question is how much HBOT can benefit HIV/AIDS patients?

Red Ribbon (1)These are some of the facts:

Oxygen molecules can reach bone and tissue when oxygen is not accessible by the red blood cells.
Enhance white blood cells function.
Promote formation of new capillary and peripheral blood vessels (neo angio-genesis).
Improve the control of opportunistic fungal and anaerobic bacterial infections.
Reduce inflammation.
Reduce pain.
Accelerates tissue regeneration.
Reduction of bruising.
Reduce the edema.
Reverse peripheral neuropathy.
Early stages of brain infection and brain inflammation.
Fights back chronic fatigue.
Reduce stress and anxiety.
Fights back depression symptoms by changing brain chemicals.
Better mental concentration.
Fight back side effects of anemia by providing high concentrated oxygen molecules in the blood stream, cerebral-spinal and all body fluids.
Fight back free radicals.
Viabilization of patient’s own stem cells.
Viabilization of implanted stem cell treatment.
Adjunctive therapy to restore the metabolism.
Adjunctive therapy to activate and restore the immune system (the lower the immune response, the greater is the risk and range of potential infections).
Reduces insomnia and improves sleep efficiency.
Stimulates muscle relaxation.
Alleviates symptoms of specific opportunistic infections.
Alleviates muscular ache or pain.
Helps to alleviate and reverse psoriasis and rash.
Stimulates energy.