What is Multivitamin and Oligo-Elements IV Therapy?

It is an intravenous delivery therapy which combines specific doses of B based vitamins and Oligo-Elements directly to the bloodstream in their intended concentrations. This therapy unlocks the various metabolic processes that generate functional or infectious diseases. Restores cell metabolism by reactivating healthy enzymatic function and also allows the cell to utilize the very nutrients to function normally. It is used as an adjunct therapy in aiding the body to restore itself. This bioavailable form of vitamins and trace minerals are rapidly absorbed intravenously. The number of treatments depends on the nature and advanced stage of the medical or physical condition.

How it Works?

Our body has its own biological mechanism to regenerate itself but sometimes it is important to receive adjunctive help to restore such biological functions. Biological functions are gradually depleted for a variety of reasons: aging, intensive stress, immune system related illnesses and/or systematic-degenerative diseases among other causes. Almost all biological reactions require enzymes and the body needs these reactions for health and survival. Enzymes depend on specific mineral co-factors for proper functioning and are absolutely vital to bio-energetic regulation and to strengthen the immune system. The combination of B based vitamins and Oligo-Elements are the perfect combination for activation and restoration of vital biological functions.

Hyperbaric Oxygen with B Vitamins and Oligo-Elements IV Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen is generally used as an adjunctive but effective therapy in Bio-Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine. It works cooperatively and synergistically with different treatments. Hyperbaric Oxygen could be used to prevent ailments and degenerative diseases. Scientists have discovered that degenerative diseases are associated with anaerobic conditions (deficiency of oxygen).  Lack of oxygen may result in fermentation and drop in cell´s PH. The elevated concentration of oxygen molecules in the bloodstream and all body fluids associated with the rapid mobilization effect in peripheral circulation further triggers the potentiation of the B based vitamins and Oligo-Elements (or any other vitamin) to accelerate the precipitation of biological functions.


There are a number of benefits related with the combination of these treatments and some of the benefits are:

  • Rest and relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Reduces insomnia
  • Improves sleep
  • Slow down the negative effects of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Lower the blood pressure and improves cholesterol profile
  • Fights back Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Improves vision and memory
  • Used as an effective treatment for revitalization after extreme stress or mental strain
  • Enhancement of sexual performance
  • Improves concentration
  • Strengthen and aids in repair of the immune system
  • Balances metabolism
  • Remarkable increase of exercise endurance
  • Revitalization
  • Triggers the production of  high levels of collagen allowing tissue and skin to repair faster.

*A large number of healthy patients usually take these treatments as a preventive therapy to keep them in optimum physical condition and to maintain better quality of life.