We are committed to making Oxygen Clinic your first choice when your need for medical holistic treatment arises. Oxygen is a pristine environment clinic that integrates regenerative biomedicine with a holistic approach. Our efforts are dedicated to understand each individual health goals as an essential role for overall health and wellness. At Oxygen Clinic we are focused on treating each patient as family; therefore our emphasis for high quality therapies and compassionate care. Every patient is different and has unique illness issues. We strongly believe that practice of modern medicine should be based on the understanding of three major aspects of each patient: Emotional, Physical and Spiritual. Our multidisciplinary professionals understand such principals as a main goal for better prognosis, more accurate diagnosis and for the maximization of each medical protocol. Our treatments are suitable for your health and wellness with the highest quality and affordable prices. Oxygen clinic is conveniently located just minutes away from the international U.S. and Mexican border at one of the major business complex in northern Mexico (The Grand Hotel Tijuana Golf Course, Convention Center and Business Tower Complexes). Our modern facilities and location allow our patients to choose weekend medical treatments or a gateway for extended medical treatments.